CRM 360

Mastering the Sales and Marketing of your Group.

Discover CRM 360: the CRM dedicated to Automotive Dealerships, built around a single customer database. CRM 360 was designed to grow sales of new and used vehicles by supporting your sales staff. It federates customer details in a database of customers and vehicles in order to create a personalized marketing plan.

The strengths of CRM 360

A central Customer & Vehicle database for your Sales and After-sales campaigns

All leads followed up to the order form

Complete modules for sales of NVs and UVs

The benefits of CRM 360

Grows your purchases and sales of used vehicles

Second-hand vehicles play a strategic role in growing the sales of automotive Dealers.
CRM 360 manages the entire sales cycle from the trade-in or purchase of the used vehicle, through to test drive, sales, financing and delivery.

Avoids double entries with a DMS interface

CRM 360 establishes two-way communication with the DMS in order to:
• Update customer data: contact details, vehicle, after sales history.
• Keep an up-to-date view of inventory (New Vehicles, Used Vehicles, Demonstration Vehicles).
• Exchange orders.
• Launch billing after delivery.

Processes all your leads quickly

Your website, your Manufacturers as well as your automotive classified advertising partner provide you with vehicle purchase leads on a regular basis.
These are directly integrated into the CRM 360 to be tracked up to the order.

Build Customer Loyalty in Sales and After Sales Service

The central database gives you a 360-degree view of your customers.
You define your campaigns and loyalty program in the Marketing module.
Actions: email shots or SMS, outgoing calls are automatically planned, executed and tracked.

Main features of CRM 360

New Vehicles with WLTP

• Central vision of the New Vehicles inventory.
• New Vehicles awaiting delivery by the Manufacturer.
• Configuration with the Autovista™ repository.
• Offers and order forms.
• Sales of complementary services or accessories.
• Saving Financing Data.
• Scheduling test drives, preparation and delivery.

Integration of DMS and Consent Center

Two-way connection with the DMS:
• Inventory update.
• Updating of info about customers and their vehicles.
• Orders.
• Deliveries.
Consent Center:
• Signing the consent form.
• PDF archive of the form.
• Updating the Marketing database to take campaigns into account.

Used Vehicles (UV)

• Sales or Trade-in only.
• Autovista for the qualification process.
• Link to classified advertising partner to post an ad (with photos).
• Offers and order forms.
• Legal documents automatically filled in (eg CERFA documents).
• Intercompany transfer.
• Sale to merchants.

Group Marketing, compliant with requirements of the GDPR

• Central database with after-sales history of vehicles.
• Powerful Requestor to select a relevant campaign target.
• Automatic campaigns to run the loyalty program.
• Planning and follow-up of commercial actions such as leads, outgoing calls, emails, SMS, etc.

CRM 360 is a component of the Imaweb platform

Consent Center

Management of GDPR consents

BI 360

Business intelligence for automotive distribution


Generate Internet leads for your vehicles and services.


The DMS that accompanies you in your growth and your international deployment.

DataCar DMS

The DMS that adapts to the organization of your dealership Group and allows you to deliver better customer services.

Eris Motors DMS

The Dealer Management System (DMS) specialised in Automotive Dealership Group networks in France.

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